Simpson Air


Simpson Air, the longest established flying business in the Mackenzie Valley, has been offering air charter service in the Nahanni-Ram area since the 1960s.

General History 

The story began in 1964 when it was known as Arctic Air. In 1974 it became Simpson Air and was later purchased in 1981 by then RCMP Officer, Ted Grant.

Since the beginning, Ted and his team of experienced bush pilots have shared their passion for the Nahanni and the rest of the Northwest Territories with countless people – from Britain's Prince Andrew, Dr. Werner Neifer (Former Chairman of Mercedes Benz), plus foreign ambassadors, to politicians, sports celebrities – and everyone in between who is drawn to this spectacular destination.

Today, Simpson Air conveniently operates from the island airstrip in Fort Simpson providing wheeled or float equipped aircraft for charter services. Simpson Air is the only company offering a secure fenced compound, a hanger, full washroom facilities, and free parking.

Simpson Air boasts the most experienced and knowledgeable pilots in the region and a fleet of aircraft suited to meet your particular needs. Due to our unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the area, we are the leading choice for all adventure trips into the Mackenzie Mountains and the Nahanni National Park Reserve. In addition, we regularly serve the communities of the Deh Cho Region who rely on us to provide mail, cargo and grocery delivery, plus medical, government, business and personal transportation.

Ted Grant 

Following a long time desire, Ted Grant became an RCMP officer and got to know the area of the north very well while serving its communities. The regions wondrous scenery captivated him during his posting at Fort Simpson in 1976. Ted's thoughts soon turned to flying in 1981 as he developed a pastime into a second career. Purchasing Simpson Air in 1981, he became President and Chief Pilot.

Ted's love of the area, and his involvement in the community led Gus and Mary Kraus to sell their historic homestead to him when they were no longer able to care for it, knowing that Ted would regard the land the same way that they had. Ted is pleased to share that legacy of natural wonder with the Nahanni Mountain Lodge. His wilderness lodge vacations and flight tours have delighted many tourists from around the world.

Ted was involved in the Nahanni Park expansion and actively contributes to tourism and education about the Nahanni, the Deh Cho region and the Northwest Territories. He and his staff have logged thousands of hours on flights in and around the park and the greater region, and know the area and it's hidden treasures very well.

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