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Spectacular Northwest Territories Canada. A favourite destination for flight-seeing visitors, canoers and white-water adventurers, Nahanni made history by becoming the very first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

Legendary Nahanni National Park is one of Canada's largest and most magnificent nature reserves. Accessible only by air, it borders on a portion of the Mackenzie Mountain Range and the South Nahanni River (Naha Dehé). The river flows through majestic but unclimbable mountain ranges, gorges and deep canyons, sulphur hotsprings and alpine tundra, and a 30-metre-high mound of fragile carbonate layers of tufa (limestone) at Rabbitkettle. At Virginia Falls — twice the height of Niagara — the river plunges straight down in a thunderous drop. Planes land on the shores, allowing visitors to step into the scenery while river trippers portage around the falls. The eyes can feast on the deep turquoise of Glacier Lake and the towering peaks comprising Cirque of the Unclimbables. The diverse terrain offers protection to abundant wildlife — including Dall's sheep that wander the plateaus.

The mystique surrounding gold rush prospectors and adventurers still holds irresistible allure. Legends of haunted valleys and lost gold live on in the folklore and in places named Deadman Valley, Funeral Range, Crash Lake and the Headless Range. A must-do stopover is the Nahanni Mountain Lodge at Little Doctor Lake, nestled at the foot of the Mackenzie Mountains where they rise from the Interior Plains. The original lodge was home to Mary and Gus Kraus, pioneers who chose the site. They passed it on to Ted Grant, chief pilot and owner of Simpson Air, to preserve and promote their passion for this majestic land.

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