Maximum 2 passengers per flight in the Cessna 172

Maximum 3 passengers per flight in the Cessna 185

Maximum 4 passengers per flight in the Cessna 206

Maximum 6 passengers per flight in the de Havilland Beaver

Charter prices are based on the cost of the aircraft, not per person. If you have a small group Simpson Air will try to have other passengers join the tour to share the costs. Please note there is no guarantee, but we will try our best.

  • Canada's National Park day use fee of $24.50 per person applies when touring Virginia Falls. Payment can be made on arrival at the falls or at the Nahanni National Park office prior to departure. The National Parks of Canada Pass does not include the fee for Nahanni National Park since it is a fly-in only park. The National Parks of Canada Pass includes only parks that are accessible by road.
  • Day tours are either 6 or 8 hours long – Simpson Air recommends that all customers take a light lunch and water with them on the tour. Simpson Air does not provide any food or drinks.
  • Wear appropriate gear for trail walking and suitable clothes for weather conditions. A light jacket may be desired, as the temperature at Virginia Falls is typically a few degrees cooler than at Fort Simpson. Also remember that it's bug season!
  • If weather conditions are unfavorable, Simpson Air will not fly. The tour will be postponed until weather conditions improve. If weather conditions the previous day were unfavorable, then the first postponed tour will be first to go when weather conditions improve. Those people scheduled for the current day will go on their tour when the other group returns.
  • If the weather does not cooperate while guests are in Fort Simpson and therefore must be cancelled, Simpson Air will refund any deposits and/or prepaid tours.

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Contact us to ask about rates that are not indicated, group rates for more than 10 people, and for discounts with small children.


  Cessna 172 Cessna 185 Cessna 206 Beaver
  2 Adults 3 Adults 4 Adults 6 Adults
Virginia Falls Fly-in day tour – Fee PER FLIGHT - $1,480 $1,974 $2,961
Virginia Falls Fly-in day tour – Fee PER PERSON - $494 $494 $494
Glacier Lake Fly-in day tour – Fee PER FLIGHT - $1,938 $2,583 $3,875
Glacier Lake Fly-in day tour – Fee PER PERSON - $646 $646 $646
Virginia Falls Fly-over day tour – Fee PER FLIGHT $924 - $1,365 -
Virginia Falls Fly-over day tour – Fee PER PERSON $462 - $342 -
Glacier Lake Fly-over day tour – Fee PER FLIGHT $1,260 - $1,890 -
Glacier Lake Fly-over day tour – Fee PER PERSON $630 - $473 -


Cost per person, includes tour and airfare

  Lodging with
Virginia Falls tour
Lodging with
Glacier Lake tour
No. of nights 2 Guests 4 Guests 6 Guests 2 Guests 4 Guests 6 Guests
1 $1,403 $1,021 $993 $1,689 $1,164 $1,136
2 $1,540 $1,158 $1,131 $1,826 $1,301 $1,274
3 $1,650 $1,268 $1,241 $1,936 $1,411 $1,384
4 $1,733 $1,351 $1,323 $2,019 $1,494 $1,466
5 $1,815 $1,433 $1,406 $2,101 $1,576 $1,549
6 $1,898 $1,516 $1,488 $2,184 $1,659 $1,631


Cost per person, includes airfare

Contact us for specific rates. Indicate here if you wish lodging with airfare only. In the form below indicate the number in your party and the number of nights you wish to reserve.

Check here for lodging only



See chart above for Nahanni Mountain Lodge Stay and let us know your details. Boats and amenities provided for your use are outlined on the Charters page.


  Cessna 185 Cessna 206 Beaver
  3 Adults 4 Adults 6 Adults
Moose River fishing Please indicate your requirements below and we will be in touch with details.
All fees are in Canadian currency, GST/HST not included. Rates are based, per person, on a minimum of two people and a maximum of twelve. Some light housekeeping is involved.
All reservations require a $100 non-refundable deposit per person.
Number of adults
Number of children (under 12)
Date requested (yyyy/mm/dd)
Number of nights to reserve
Nahanni Mountain Lodge
First Name
Street Address
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We will contact you with a confirmation and some information for your flight.
We would love to keep you up to date with Simpson Air and the Nahanni Park Reserve from time to time. Please check here to include your email. We will not share your information, see our privacy policy.
Note that all prices quoted are Canadian currency. Taxes are not included. Tours and dates booked are subject to change – safety will be the first priority at the discretion on Simpson Air and its pilots. Prices subject to change without notice.